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Book your seat now for Free Skill Training & Trade License, GST Registration, MSME Registration, Accounting Software, GST Eway Bill Software, Current Account In Company Name And Loan Proposal: MRS Skill Training

1. The central government has announced a package of Rs 20 lakh crore to build a self-reliant India. This package includes a low-interest rate package of Rs 3.5 lakh crore from banks and financial institutions for small and medium enterprises. 

2. The Tripura state government has announced 2 lakh trade licenses and assistance of Rs. 2,000 crore. It will provide financial assistance of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh to every small trader for doing business. There is no guarantee of getting this financial assistance.

3.  But to get this assistance or low-interest loan you need to submit the following documents along with the application form:

a. Trade license,

b. GST registration,

c. MSME registration,

d. Accounting software,

e. GST waybill software,

f. Open a current account in the company name,

g. Prepare project report for bank loan

h. Quotation for necessary machinery and raw materials.

** It will be accompanied by skill training with certificates on specific trades. 

4.  To get all this in a very short time with only Rs 12,000 package including free skill training and government fee and tax, fill up the seat booking form given today on the website of Government Register Training Provider Merit Research Society (MRS) Please.

5.  Training Courses are :

       Course Sl. No. & Course Name

30.    Fish farming in bio flop method (বায়ো ফ্লপ পদ্ধতিতে মাছ চাষ)

31.    Raising domestic chickens (দেশি মুরগি পতি পালন)

32.    Making LED bulbs and tubes (এলইডি বাল্ব এবং টিউব তৈরি)                         

33.         Make chips from bananas (কলা থেকে চিপস তৈরি)

34.         Plates, plates, bowls, made from paper (কাগজের থালা, প্লেট, বাটি তৈরি)

35.         Making non-oven bags (নন-ওভেন ব্যাগ তৈরি)

36.         Make shawl leaf dishes, plates, bowls (শাল পাতার থালা, প্লেট, বাটি তৈরি)

37.         Made of rubber sandals (রাবার স্যান্ডেল তৈরি)

38.         Creating a solar system (সোলার সিস্টেম তৈরি)

39.         Silk skin printing (সিল্ক স্কিন প্রিন্টিং)

40.         Self-employment tailor (স্ব-কর্মসংস্থান দর্জি)

41.         Beauty parlor (বিউটি পার্লার)

42.         DTP with networking (ডিটিপি উইথ নেটওয়াকিং)

43.         Mushroom Grower (মাশরুম উত্পাদক)

44.         Making candles (মোমবাতি তৈরি)

45.         Making Agarbati (আগরবাতি তৈরি)

46.         Paper Beg Making (কাগজের ব্যাগ তৈরি)

47.         Cattle and poultry feed making (গবাদি পশু এবং হাঁস-মুরগির খাবার তৈরি

48.         Jam jelly murabba making (জাম জেলি মুরব্বা তৈরি)

49.         Detergent powder making (ডিটারজেন্ট পাউডার তৈরি)

50.         Masala making (মাসালা বানানো)

51.         Plastic bottles making (প্লাস্টিকের বোতল তৈরি)

52.         Noodles manufacturing (নুডলস উত্পাদন)

53.         Air conditioner manufacturing (এয়ার কন্ডিশনার উত্পাদন)

54.         Carpentry workshop (কার্পেন্ট্রি ওয়ার্কশপ)

55.         Lady's blouse & petticoats making (লেডির ব্লাউজ এবং পেটিকোট তৈরি)

56.         Inverter assembly (ইনভার্টার তৈরী)

6.  Targets: We have achieved 1000 Skill Training Targets for North East India (Arunachal Pradesh 46, Assam 362, Manipur 97, Meghalaya 104, Mizoram 52, Nagaland 69, and Tripura 229).

7.   Project Procedure: Candidates must first complete the "Advance Seat Booking Form" provided at There is no charge for filling out the form and the minimum educational qualification is an only eighth-grade pass.

8.  Candidate Selection: The candidate selection process will be conducted on a "first come first served" basis after fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

9.  Package: The selected candidate has to deposit 25% of the package of Rs. 12,000 i.e. Rs. 3,000.00 as advance booking charge in the bank account of MRS (Government Registered Association). And then the documents required for Bank Lone and training have to be uploaded on the portal of MRS.


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